Healthcare professionals informed of liraglutide shortage

The type 2 diabetes medication Victoza, manufactured by Novo Nordisk, is expected to return to stock by June next year

Max Ryan

November 28, 2023

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  • A supply shortage of Victoza liraglutide solution for injection in pre-filled pen is expected in Ireland in early December, Novo Nordisk, the company that manufactures the medication, has warned.

    The solution, which is used to reduce high blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes, is expected to return to stock by June 2024.

    The shortage will affect both Victoza 2 and 3-pen packs and is not related to a quality defect or a safety issue, Novo Nordisk has assured.

    If you are currently prescribed Victoza, you should contact your Healthcare Professional.

    Do not stop taking Victoza or change your Victoza treatment unless you have agreed to do so with your healthcare provider as this may result in high blood glucose levels and high levels of ketones, which can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis if not addressed.

    All healthcare professionals have been informed of this shortage.

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