Irishhealthpro.com is a health professionals' website designed and developed by MedMedia Group. This company was established in 1991 and produces around a dozen specialist medical and nursing journals. MedMedia Group has long-standing links with a number of health organisations.

Our existing professional journals include: Modern Medicine of Ireland; Hospital Doctor of Ireland, The World of Irish Nursing & Midwifery, Forum, Journal of the ICCP, Cancer Professional, Diabetes Professional; Cardiology Professional; Psychiatry Professional, Diabetes Ireland, Nursing in the Community and the ICGP Yearbook & Diary.

Irishhealthpro.com brings together the very best of MedMedia Group editorial content, with clinical articles, continuing education for general practice and hospital doctors as well as editorials, features, international journal reviews and patient resources. The development of Irishhealthpro.com has been assisted by our Medical Advisory Panel, which comprises over 60 experts from all fields of Irish medicine.

MedMedia Group have been at the forefront on online health in Ireland for over 13 years, since the launch of the hugely successful consumer health website, Irishhealth.com back in August 2000. Today, that site has over 156,000 registered members and receives upwards of a quarter of a million Unique Visitors every month. It has won national and international awards for its quality, reliable and authoritative information and resources. You may well have visited the site yourself; even if you haven't, you can be sure that quite a few of your patients have.

This year, we are delighted to bring the same commitment to editorial excellence to Irishhealthpro, the site exclusively for you, the health professional. Irishhealthpro is, however, is about much more than just excellent content.

When we sat down to devise Irishhealthpro, we asked what would be of most value to professionals? First, of course, is top quality, original content, wrtten by and for fellow health professionals. Already, we have a database of 400+ professional authors, which you can browse here. Next, you may have international and national health and medical journals you'd like to keep an eye on – again, we've got you covered. Our Journals Directory lists over 100 journals from across the pro healthcare spectrum.

Where Irishhealthpro really comes into its own is that you can, with just a couple of clicks, choose to 'watch' any journal or author on the website, and so receive free email prompts every time new content from a specific author or journal is posted. That is just the start of our powerful User Customisation tools. Irishhealthpro also contains a comprehensive database of all Hospital Consultants, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Counsellors. You can tailor your own professional contacts list in seconds, adding custom notes for individuals, hospitals or pharmacies.

To make Irishhealthpro an easy to use resource for personal research, you can easily build up your own custom library of favourite content. By 'bookmarking' articles you find useful, in a single click that article is added to your personalised Content list. Similarly, you can add forthcoming Events to your personal list, and receive event reminders by email.

A website is only as good as its search engine, and in the case of Irishealthpro, our built-in search is second to none. Start typing any word or phrase and, Google-style, it will auto-fill with the best available matches to your query. Our Advanced search tool lets you refine any query by precise channel, topic and/or date range. You can search by single terms, or using Wildcards, Proximity Search or Boolean Operators.

Main site content is divided into 36 main topic Channels, from Cancer to Women's Health. Within each channel, you can in turn explore in-depth Clinical articles, Editorials, Journal reviews, Features, Case Reports and Hospital CEPs, as well as Research, Patient Resources and relevant Events. The design of Irishhealthpro is extraordinarily intuitive, allowing you to also explore the site using novel visual tools, including a Radial Graph Explorer and an Anatomy Explorer, which allows you to intuitively browse articles and topics by anatomical function.

For GPs, there is direct access to CPD-accredited Distance Learning modules from within Irishhealthpro, bringing you a convenient new way to keep up to date.

We hope you find Irishhealthpro to be a useful site that you will want to bookmark as one of your 'regulars'. We are still at the relatively early stages of development, with additional member features, such as bulletin boards and direct member-to-member messaging being added over time. If there's a feature you'd like to see on Irishhealthpro, do drop us a line and we'll get right on it – everthing on this site is custom-coded, so we're highly flexible about adding new features.