Report highlights importance of child support workers in refuge services

The ‘Where I'm At’ project seeks to create a secure environment for children entering a women's refuge centre in Meath

Max Ryan

November 17, 2023

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  • The importance of the children's support worker was highlighted in a recent Trinity College study examining children's experiences of domestic violence and transition to refuge services.

    The new report evaluated a child-centred project that supports children from abusive domestic settings at Meath Women's Refuge and Support Services.

    The ‘Where I'm At’  project seeks to create a nurturing and secure environment for children entering the refuge. It is committed to offering an avenue for personal growth and development, allowing children to transition into their new surroundings with resilience and creativity.

    The experiences of children exposed to domestic violence are multifaceted and can have profound implications for their emotional well-being, behaviour, and overall development, according to the report. Interventions aimed at mitigating the long-term impacts associated with experiencing domestic violence play a crucial role in a child’s journey to recovery. Children require tailored support that acknowledges their unique experiences and empowers them to heal and thrive.

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