New mental health campaign for young people


November 27, 2018

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  • A new mental health campaign specifically aimed at teenagers and young adults has been launched by the HSE.

    The Mind Monster campaign aims to highlight the importance of looking after mental health, focusing on things that are known to cause stress and anxiety among young people, such as exams and spending too much time online.

    The radio and social media campaign directs people to the HSE website,, which offers information and support options to those who need them.

    The campaign was developed in conjunction with youth information website, and according to its executive director, Ian Power, it is not enough to just drive awareness.

    "This campaign is highlighting practical things young people can do to protect their own mental health and will hopefully encourage them to open up more," he explained.

    Also speaking about the campaign, the HSE's assistant national director for mental health operations, Jim Ryan, insisted that providing young people with the information and resources they need to protect their mental health is key.

    "We know young people today have a lot to deal with and we wanted our campaign to highlight two key things - telling young people that they are not on their own and that talking about things with someone you trust can help," he said. offers personalised mental health support options via a search tool that generates information on online resources, telephone, and face-to-face services. It can be accessed here


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