Keyword Search Tool

The keyword search tool allows you to quickly locate content on the site. It has two functions to assist you:


  1. Start typing into the search box
  2. As you type, the system will compare your search term against the database. We will try to match your term against:
    • Content Titles
    • Categories
    • Content Keywords
  3. If you find an appropriate result, then click it to be brought directly to that piece of content

Full Content Phrase Search. Use this if the auto-complete function does not provide an appropriate search result.

  1. Type in your keyword term(s)
  2. Click the Search button (or press the enter key)
  3. The system will search the article body of all content in the system. Note, the search currently only supports "phrase" searching. i.e. "Shoulder sprained" will not match "Sprained shoulder". We will improve search in future releases.