Self-Harm Awareness Conference 2018

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services and Pieta House

01249 3200

Start:  Thursday, March 01, 2018: 8:15AM
End:   Thursday, March 01, 2018: 3:00PM

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services and Pieta House are holding their third Self-Harm Awareness Conference on 1st March 2018 (Self-Injury Awareness Day) at the AVIVA stadium.

This year’s conference is aimed at healthcare professionals, social care and education providers, as well as parents, carers, policy makers and influencers. The theme of the conference is ‘understanding self-harm’.
A recent study by Long (2018) examined the negative impact felt when self-harm is misunderstood. It was found that the stigma associated with self-harm both at a cultural and media level, can greatly influence a young person’s self-perception, increasing their self-harming behaviour and reducing the likelihood that they will seek the necessary help.
The same study also found that those who work with people who engage in self-harm may be driven by fear and the need to act quickly, which may not get to the heart of the issues that clients are facing (Long, 2018*). Such studies highlight the need to better understand and destigmatize self-harm.
As part of the conference, three workshops focusing on three specific themes about understanding self-harm will be held. These will be held in parallel sessions and there will also be soapbox groups, whereby attendees will be able to share their thoughts about self-harm and any issues/discussions raised during the day. Attendees can register for the workshops during registration on the day.
  • AVIVA stadium




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